The Ideal Filter System
Wastewater is the biggest waste by volume in New Zealand?  Approximately 1.5 billion litres of domestic wastewater is discharged into the environment daily not including wastewater from the industrial and commercial sectors
Toveko Continuous Gravity-flow sand filters:

Continuously monitor head loss across the filter bed

Continuously wash dirty sand whilst the filter is in service

Have a highly efficient sand washer that copes with sticky solids including oil and polyelectrolyte

Consume very little wash water

Do not require large tanks, supply pumps etc. for backwashing

Do not require large dirty backwash water collection and pumping systems

Start stop and control the sand washing rate automatically

Have a low profile (2.3m maximum for steel filters)
Allow gravity feed, eliminating expensive pumping systems

Are pre-assembled and tested, allowing rapid site installation and start-up

*except for the “Mini” model, CX-25
Technical Specification
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About The Toveko
The TOVEKO®  is ideal for small to meduim industrial and treatment plants in New Zealand.  The TOVEKO® continuous sandfiltering system provides an excellent option for economical operation and space saving.

Incoming water flows into a longitudinal inlet shaft and is distributed evenly across the filter bed by inverted V-notch openings along the length of the filter. The inlet shaft is taller than the main filter body and this provides the 650mm of available head across the filter bed.
Solids are filtered from the water and the clean water overflows above the filter bed via V-notch openings.

TOVEKO® filters continuously clean the filter bed whilst in service. An airlift pump transfers dirty sand from the base of the bed into an inclined, traversing screw-type washer located above the filter bed.

Inside the washer, the individual grains of filter sand rub against each other in a counter-flowing stream of wash water. This vigorous action makes the sand washer highly efficient, enabling it to handle sticky solids that defeat other gravity-flow sand filters.

During normal operation, the filter stops and starts automatically as the incoming flow stops and starts. In periods of high flow and/or high solids load, the rate of sand washing automatically increases when necessary to ensure that the filter bed remains clean at all times. This makes TOVEKO® filters largely self-compensating and suitable for remote sites.
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