Privacy Policy

The Downs Group Ltd and associated companies are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected, and we strive to uphold best practice privacy standards in accordance with the New Zealand privacy Act 1993. 

The Downs Group Ltd collects, retains and updates personal information about you which you provide both directly and indirect to us, for example, by you sending us an email enquiring about information on our company’s services advertised on this internet site. 

The Downs Group Ltd only intends to use this information for purposes connected with providing, monitoring and marketing existing and future products and services to you and the enhancement of your experience when using our website. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.
We may use the information we collect from our web statistics and your emails via the website to:

personalise user's experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings in which you are most interested.
improve our website in order to better serve you.
allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests

You are entitled to request personal information The Downs Group holds about you at any time.


You may access, view, reproduce and print the content on this site provided you only use that content for informational, non-commercial purposes and any reproduction includes a prominent acknowledgment of The Downs Group Ltd rights in the relevant content. If you wish to link to any part of this site, you must get The Downs Group Ltd prior written consent. You may not use this site or the content on it, for any other purpose or in any other way. While The Downs Group tries to ensure the content on this site is current, accurate and complete, it does not guarantee such content will be current, accurate or complete when you access it. The Downs Group only provides the content on, or accessed through this site, on an "as is" basis. You must make your own assessment of the suitability of the content and/or the services for your own purposes. You are solely responsible for the actions you take in reliance on the content on, or accessed through, this site. The Downs Group Ltd may change the content and/or services described on the site at any time without prior notice. Users seeking to rely on or verify any content and/or services contained on this site should contact us. The contents of the website should not be construed as legal advice. Each page on this website must be read in conjunction with this disclaimer and any other disclaimer that forms part of it.

This site may contain links to third party websites. These are not controlled by The Downs Group Ltd. They are provided for your convenience only, and do not imply that The Downs Group Ltd checks, endorses, approves or agrees with the third party websites it links to. Third party websites will likely have their own restrictions on how you may use the content on those websites and what responsibility the website provider will accept in relation to the content. You should ensure you read and comply with these.

All intellectual property on this site, including and without limit to, the text, graphics and copyright works is owned by The Downs Group  Ltd(or the relevant content supplier). The Downs Group Ltd is the exclusive owner of all rights in the compilation, design and layout of this site.

You may copy, print and distribute any publication on this website, only if you distribute the publication in full, including all references to The Downs Group Ltd, and that the publication is used for information and non-commercial purposes only. The Downs Group Ltd should be acknowledged as the source.
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